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About us


The Club Europeo was established in Buenos Aires on May 9th, 2001, by thirteen prestigious organizations of European origin: the Club Alemán en Buenos Aires, the Asociación Belga de Buenos Aires, the Club Francés, the Asociación Holandesa, the Club Danés, the Hurlingham Club, the Asociación Sueca, the Asociación Argentino Austríaca, the Club Español, the Círcolo Italiano, the Federación de Entidades Húngaras en Argentina (F.E.H.R.A.), The Federación Pan-Helénica en Argentina and The Asociación Cultural  Argentino Polaca.

The founders laid the groundwork for an entirely new venture with a specific identity and in the statutes they undertook the task of strengthening the ties between all parties involved, stimulating communication among young people and providing opportunities for the pursuit of talent.

The Club Europeo is the first one in the world with such features, a place where citizens from Europe, Argentina and other countries can meet in a unique environment in Latin America.

Its administrative offices are at the Cìrcolo Italiano. Members have also access to restaurants, bars and meeting rooms from the other founding and institutional clubs. The Club has also made some agreements with other clubs and associations in Argentina and worldwide. More information may be obtained at the Club’s offices.

At our Club, members are the real engine, always generating action. They take initiatives in many areas, from artistic to business, from academic to social, from charities to sports. There is a wide offer of events, such as meeting with foreign diplomats, wine-tasting sessions, the already well-known monthly after office meetings, conversation groups in several languages, meetings with expats, art exhibitions, meetings with European leaders and a lot more. All done by the members; this is how they put their ideas into practice and create the Club Europeo by themselves.